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12388Re: Making Negative for Photopolymer Plates

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  • Rod
    Feb 25, 2011
      Have you folks looked in to producing your own negatives? Twelve years ago when we switched to digital plates, we couldn't give away our
      NuArc process camera and flip top platemaker. We junked it just to get more space in our shop.

      Talk to a few local print shops and you may score a camera for little or nothing. Both rapid access and lith film are available from <http://www.valleylitho.com/acatalog/Valley_Litho_Supply_Film_5.html> , a source we have had excellent results with.

      Sheet photopolymers are more light sensitive and have a such short exposure latitude that using negatives produced on a laser printer don't have enough density. However, we have excellent results with liquid photopolymers using negatives made a laser printer. We imprint wooden tokens on a C&P with dies made with liquid photopolymer.

      <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvOKy3Msa4I> is one of my casting videos on YouTube that shows another use for liquid photopolymer.

      Have fun!

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