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12237Re: Emergency --> Inked Press UPDATE (Cross-Posted)

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  • Gary
    Nov 29, 2010
      Keep the linkage lubed, the throw-off won't break down anytime soon. In some cases there are some very good reasons to switch the throw-out every second impression. One of the first tricks of the trade that I ever learned from a seasoned pressman was to double roll a platen jobber for dies with large areas of coverage.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "author50401" <JohnH@...> wrote:
      > I'd have to say that the motorized press may be the best option for many people to use as treadling can be a distraction. I have an old press (I've had it since the 1960s) which I use for a variety of work, and have treadled as many as 5000 pieces at a time. You do get into a rhythm with the process, and I can stop the press very rapidly by just holding down the treadle. It is however, a light weight press (Kelsey Union Rotary) and stops at my command easily.
      > I would worry about using the throw-off between impressions on a motorized press as that takes a good deal of effort, and is not meant as the normal process. It would be much better to slow down the press to a manageable speed and establish a rhythm not involving the use of the left arm running the throw-off.
      > These days, auto-feed presses are abundant and not much more expensive than their hand-fed counterparts. If one is concerned with using the hands in the process, one of these would be a wise investment.
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