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12188Re: Polimero A5 platemaker

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  • bielerpr
    Nov 17, 2010

      This is a good suggestion. A brush cleaning tool will greatly improve the effectiveness of a brush whose tuft pattern is disturbed, and greatly prolong the life of the brush. If the brush hasn't been cleaned in this manner and the tufts are attached to the brush plate floor, you will indeed raise a great deal of hardened photopolymer, and it will take more than a few baths to clear out all the debris that has been kicked up. A $3.99 tool that can save a $700 tool isn't a bad investment.


      > If the bristles are coming out, then new brushes are needed. But if the bristles are there but getting hard, you may be able to revive them. Soaking in vinegar may help; then use a brush-cleaning tool to break apart the clots. The tool is for cleaning paint brushes, and is simply some pointed pins set in a wooden handle, got mine at an Ace hardware store. Combing through the tufts separates the clumped bristles and dislodges bits of photopolymer.
      > On the other hand, a whole new brush will be a huge improvement on your processing, and A5 shouldn't be that costly.
      > --Eric Holub, SF
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