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  • Norman Hicks
    Oct 10, 2010
      Are you sure that you need an all-in-one-box?

      I have seen a lot of "home made" setups.
      Not sure I would start out with an imagesetter and film processor.
      The imagesetter is easy enough but the chemistry and the film
      processor is another matter...
      To expose the plate you simply need a vacuum frame and a light source,
      Washing can be accomplished with a soft brush and doing it by hand. Re-
      exposing and baking are also simple.

      The platemakers are expensive, used or new. We have thought about
      importing a nice Japanese brand but it seems like too much work...
      The flexo printing world uses platemakers though theirs are solvent
      (nasty) wash, maybe they could be modified to be water wash.... I sure
      that there would be a large supply of those units...

      We have several platemakers from the rubber-stamp making-world, maybe
      they could work?

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