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  • matthew lamoureux
    Sep 17, 2010
      Rubber tabs on top of the ink roller, like on the fountain ductor of an offset press, would not work as the ink is metered from the fountain to the ink roller through the bottom turn of the fountain roller. You would have to have something under the ink fountain that scrapped the ink off the fountain roller. 

      When I print split inks I have to keep the fountain key that lines up with the wedge just as open as the other keys.  I can't crank them down to keep the ink off the fountain roller to separate the colors, I end up with not enough ink in the train in order for them to blend together. 
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      I have read in older press manuals about using wadded, dampened paper as a fountain divider to separate or limit color in the fountain. It was recommended instead of cranking down the fountain blade between colors.

      I have a sample of a fountain divider which a pressman made by creating a clay dam on two sides and pouring typemetal between, creating a wedge-shaped partition which would separate two colors very well in a fountain.

      One offset press I ran had rubber flaps on a rod which could be pressed down on a dampener ductor to reduce the flow of fountain solution in particular areas of the image where heavier ink film was required. I don't think the same technique can be applied to ink due to its increased viscosity.

      J. Henry

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      > These can be had--price range around $189.00 each, but would have to be made custom for the Miehle Vertical and Heidelberg platen, and I would think only the V-50 and 10x15 sizes. The price could come down a little if ordered in quantity, and since these are currently made only for offset presses, we'd have to come up with the specific measurements. The ones made for the V-36 and V-45 Verticals will not work with the V-50. These are properly called Ink Fountain Dividers. If enough interest, I'll look into having some made. Let me know.
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      > > They seem a sort of screenprinting squeegees, right?
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      > Doctor blade is gravure terminology. Heidelberg calls it a "rubber cleaner" but any pressman would know it a washup blade. In this case it is a rubber blade on a metal backing. I doubt this would remove the ink cleanly from the cylinder during regular operation, but is intended to remove ink as suspended in solvent during washup. But being rubber, you can cut portions away and give it try.
      > --Eric Holub, SF

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