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  • Mike Metz
    Sep 16, 2010

      I don't know how long of a run is trying to be accomplished, but another idea might be to affix a piece of sponge/brillo to the washup blade, and then lightly soak it in washup solution. Maybe a combination of a reengineered washup blade (maybe replace the rubber with plastic) and add a divider on the inker. Fritz, here is a new product line for you.




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      > They seem a sort of screenprinting squeegees, right?

      Doctor blade is gravure terminology. Heidelberg calls it a "rubber cleaner" but any pressman would know it a washup blade. In this case it is a rubber blade on a metal backing. I doubt this would remove the ink cleanly from the cylinder during regular operation, but is intended to remove ink as suspended in solvent during washup. But being rubber, you can cut portions away and give it try.
      --Eric Holub, SF

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