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  • Scott Rubel
    Aug 10, 2010
      Those are great shots. Reminds me of the ones I pulled off and sold on e-bay years ago.

      I have seen another method of protecting students' hands. Put an eye bold in the ceiling and run a rope with a loop in it. It's good if there is a spring involved, too. Make the student feed the press with the feed hand through the loop and make sure it's just long enough to keep a hand from diving into the danger zone. Of course nobody will like to work this way, but it seems a little less annoying than fighting with the guard pushing your hand up.


      On Aug 10, 2010, at 10:07 AM, Lance Williams wrote:

      The only other safety item is a platen guard.  But, I don't know where you would get one today except off a scrapped press ( or possibly Dave Churchman in Indianapolis??)  I posted pictures of the platen guards on both our 8x12 NS and our 10x15 Craftsman to the photos section of the PPLetterpress Yahoo group a few years ago.  Link here:
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      There is a flywheel guard in place covering both the flywheel and gears. We haven't moved it yet, but we did rewire the motor to test everything. The motor works, but needs refurbished — is there something we should have done to it, regardless of whether we keep it or sell it, to improve safety? Thank you all for your generous advice, links, and information! This discussion has been valuable.

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