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  • Fritz Klinke
    Aug 10, 2010
       It was Kluge that sent out these letters, as well as magazine ads, for their unguarded platens, but these came out more like 30 years ago. Miehle did not make platens and was out of business 10 years ago. Kluge will not support any of the the pre-1960 platens and still advises scrapping them as being potentially unsafe.
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      The danger is in getting your hand smashed, mostly. Alternate dangers arise from the exposed flywheels and gears.

      I'm sure most schools either don't take on the liability of having a motorized platen press, or their insurance asks them not to run them. They did make safety devices for these presses that push your hand out of the way as it closes, but most of those devices were removed by operators and you don't see them around so much anymore.

      The effects of law suits and of OSHA are far-reaching, even when they don't visit your facility directly. About ten years ago I received a letter from Miehle (or someone representing them) stating that if I own a press made prior to 1964, I was advised to throw it away because it could not be made safe. The letter was obviously sent as a result of some lawsuit suffered by the company, and they covered themselves by sending it to all possible Miehle owners.


      On Aug 9, 2010, at 2:04 PM, rebecca childers wrote:

      > That's right, I've never printed on a C + P myself. I'm interested in learning, though, partly because, as you say, such equipment opens up new printing possibilities, and also because it might make my students slightly more employable. The various boutique print shops around here all use platen presses. I've taught letterpress for 15 years, but only on Vandercooks.
      > How did OSHA clamp down on the school print shop? Was it specifically related to the "dangers" of printing on motorized platen presses?
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