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  • heytrollop
    Aug 9, 2010
      Mills College has one in their studio... You might check in with Kathy Walkup and see how they handle it. I'm not sure if it's motorized or not. When I went to school there we only had a vandercook. At that time we also had the studio available at any hour for use. And honestly having been one of those sleep deprived students, I'm not sure I'd want to run a motorized c&p in that condition!

      That said, it's great for students to learn to use these, as out here in the real world that's a more common press for them to be using at home.

      I only learned to use them a couple years ago at Foothill College. They have an old reliable which is treadle powered, but equally dangerous if you get a hand in there. The studio is only open to students who have passed safety training and there must be two students present at all times or a faculty member must be present. And it's only available during the daytime, or during class. So that's how they handle it there.

      You might also see if the c&p is set up to use a treadle, and convert it. Or if it's a variable speed motor that can be more user friendly.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "slovenlyme" <rebeccachilders@...> wrote:
      > Good afternoon, everyone.
      > I oversee a university letterpress studio with four Vandercooks + a bunch of type. Recently we learned we have a C + P in deep storage across campus. We're trying to decide whether to sell the press or reintegrate it into the studio. Evidently it was removed 25+ years ago due to safety concerns. I don't know whether a student actually got their hand stuck or whether that was perceived as a real danger. It is motorized.
      > Has anyone used this type of press in a university setting? Our studio is open access to enrolled letterpress students 24 hours a day, which means sometimes they're alone there at 3:00 am, sleep-deprived, jamming out projects. It would be helpful to hear whether other schools teach on the presses and how they handle the liability issue.
      > Thanks for your help!
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