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11964C + P in Classroom

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  • slovenlyme
    Aug 9 1:01 PM
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      Good afternoon, everyone.

      I oversee a university letterpress studio with four Vandercooks + a bunch of type. Recently we learned we have a C + P in deep storage across campus. We're trying to decide whether to sell the press or reintegrate it into the studio. Evidently it was removed 25+ years ago due to safety concerns. I don't know whether a student actually got their hand stuck or whether that was perceived as a real danger. It is motorized.

      Has anyone used this type of press in a university setting? Our studio is open access to enrolled letterpress students 24 hours a day, which means sometimes they're alone there at 3:00 am, sleep-deprived, jamming out projects. It would be helpful to hear whether other schools teach on the presses and how they handle the liability issue.

      Thanks for your help!
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