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11771Re: fine lines breaking up on press?!?

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  • bielerpr
    Jun 11, 2010
      I use steel-backed plates. In that case, I suspect that your ten year old would more likely say metal or iron or something similar since that is primarily what they are, physically, visually, and thus the most obvious. Interestingly, a client brought her son in a couple of weeks ago and showed him around, his reply when asked what he thought this might be (a processed photopolymer plate) was, "something from a computer." Smart kid. He also correctly described metal type as "letters," and type cases as "drawers."


      > Not that I suppose that really proves anything. But I do know if you hand a photopolymer plate to any 10 year old and ask them what it's made of they will tell you "plastic." So sue me (LOL).
      > Ed
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      > >From: Steve Robison <robisonsteve@...>
      > >Maybe it was the famous reference to "plastics" in the movie The Graduate that has us all brainwashed,but as an FYI footnote to Gerald's previous comment, note that some polymers are plastics, but certainly not all.
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