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1177Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Typeface optimization

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jan 27, 2003

      Well, I'd sure like to believe this, but after spending some time on one
      of the OpenType developers lists (over at Topica) desperately trying to
      sort out one definitive statement after conflicting definitive
      statement, I'm suspicious of the easy answer (which seems to be the
      corporate answer).

      FontLab 4.5 is available as an upgrade for $200 for anyone with a
      previous version and for the same price to anyone with a previous
      version of Fontographer.

      I'm not too quick to jump on the band wagon here. A lot of info on OT
      seems still uncertain, even untruthful, to me.


      >I have better news, which is that OpenType is not really a new format.
      >FontLab 4.5 can certainly edit OT fonts, either of the TrueType or the Type 1 (Postscript) persuasion.
      >Opentype is really just an updated package of font data, using the TrueType table format, but with extensions to allow Postscript Type 1 glyph outlines to be used (in .otf fonts). Open'true'type are still called .ttf fonts.
      >No problem from that standpoint...as long as you can afford to buy FontLab ;-)
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