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11769Re: [PPLetterpress] fine lines breaking up on press?!?

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Jun 10, 2010
      Thanks Steve, I always appreciate your calming and well informed influence ;-)



      On 10 Jun 2010, at 3:14 PM, Steve Robison wrote:

      > Maybe it was the famous reference to "plastics" in the movie The Graduate that has us all brainwashed,but as an FYI footnote to Gerald's previous comment, note that some polymers are plastics, but certainly not all.
      > Polymer just refers to macromolecules that have long strings of repeating structural units.
      > ...
      > So if photopolymer doesn't cut it after perfect processing, then think copper on a steel base as a possible alternative...giving you a sturdier molecular advantage. That's the way they used to do it for fine detail in the 1800's with great success, and those methods still work today...they're just less enviro friendly and sometimes a bit costlier...but not always. :-)
      > Anyway, good luck with your efforts and results, remembering that there's always more than one way to put an image on to or in to a piece of paper...
      > Best wishes,
      > --Steve

      Peter Fraterdeus
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