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1176[PPLetterpress] Re: Typeface optimization

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Jan 27, 2003
      At 3:59 AM +0000 2003-01-28, Gerald Lange <bieler@...> wrote:
      >At this point in time, I'd start looking at OpenType offerings. The
      >PostScript format is marked for extinction. The Adobe line is now all
      >reconfigured to the OpenType format and a number of the fonts contain
      >opticals, or sized optimization. Emigre has re-released Mrs Eaves in
      >OpenType format. But not much else is actually out there yet (though
      >some of the smaller foundries are forging ahead). Problem is, with
      >OpenType you are kind of stuck with what you get. I don't believe that
      >you can edit an OT font like you can PostScript Type 1 font. Or, I
      >should say, I don't know that you can. If true, a bit disturbing.

      Gerald, David --

      I have better news, which is that OpenType is not really a new format.
      FontLab 4.5 can certainly edit OT fonts, either of the TrueType or the Type 1 (Postscript) persuasion.

      Opentype is really just an updated package of font data, using the TrueType table format, but with extensions to allow Postscript Type 1 glyph outlines to be used (in .otf fonts). Open'true'type are still called .ttf fonts.

      No problem from that standpoint...as long as you can afford to buy FontLab ;-)

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