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  • David Goodrich
    Apr 27, 2010
      The case size makes it a 2/3 case.  The layout with the caps at the top makes it a Yankee Job Case.
      Most Yankee cases were 2/3 size although apparently there were some that were full size.  Similarly, most 2/3 cases have the Yankee layout.  Some have 7 boxes across the top while others have 8, matching the divisions of the lower case part.
      2/3 cases are also available as upper cases and lower cases.  The upper cases were common for two caps fonts.
      There is also a full sized combination Yankee and California case which has a Yankee layout in the left 2/3 and a normal caps layout on the right 1/3.  These are very useful for fonts with small caps.
      2/3 cases are quite common and can be bought from dealers such as Letterpress Things.
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