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  • Austin Jones
    Jan 3, 2010
      I have an Epson R2400. It will certainly handle Lettra paper fine. I just
      purchased an HP B8550. I have not printed Lettra on it yet but it has a
      straight through option as well as the Epson and should be able to handle it

      I think the issue is not can it handle it, but what sort of image are you
      wanting to print. Both of these printers are primarily Photo Printers.
      Lettra does not lend itself to printing photos very well. The HP is more
      suited to printing large amounts of black. The Epson has 8 separate ink
      cartridges. The HP has 5. HP printers all want to turn the paper 180
      degrees. I do not like this idea. Epson on some models do the same. Even for
      most standard paper handling some form of straight through is better in my
      mind. Both of these printers are 13x19 printers.

      As I said you should select a printer based on what you want to print. There
      are other printers from Epson, Canon, and HP which can print heavy stock for
      primarily black ink. But for Photo Printing, you cannot go wrong with Epson.
      They have the technology for photo printing down. HP is doing a good job of
      capturing the consumer photo printing market. Their printers are able to
      handle computerless photo printing quite well. Epson is more oriented to the

      Austin Jones
      prints by AJ
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      > Does anyone have a recommendation for a laser or ink jet printer that
      > takes 110# and/or Crane's Lettra paper well?
      > Thanks and Happy New Year!
      > T. J. Strandberg
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