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11237Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Plate walking

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  • Scott Rubel
    Dec 9, 2009
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      What kinds of forces does it take to make a steel plate on a Bunting
      base move? Even with all the relational physics answers posted earlier,
      once the plate gets over a few inches I can't imagine how it could move.


      Harold Kyle wrote:
      > OK I was confused by this thread, and talked with Matthew off-list.
      > Apparently he has a Bunting base, which is 0.858, as we do mention on our
      > website. That much is correct. I thought mistakenly he was referring to our
      > Deep Relief base. He is also apparently ordering 152SB steel backed plates
      > but I can't see how they would be thicker than 0.060. He's going to test
      > them with another measuring tool and report back.
      > Sorry for the confusion!
      > Harold
      > On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 10:34 AM, Harold Kyle <harold@...> wrote:
      >> Matthew:
      >> Our records show that you purchased KF152, which measures 0.060 but ships
      >> with 0.004 film adhesive. This means the plate should measure 0.064 thick.
      >> Is your plate transparent or does it have a rigid metal back? Transparent
      >> means KF152.
      >> I couldn't find a base purchase under your name in our system, which I
      >> would need to get the exact measurements of your base. I would be astonished
      >> if we shipped a 0.8585" base, which is way out of spec. The actual thickness
      >> should be 0.0853 +/- 0.001. Can you share with me the serial number stamped
      >> on the side?
      >> I don't see reference to 0.858" as the base thickness on boxcarpress.com,
      >> but I do see this height mentioned incorrectly on some other websites. I'll
      >> write to them to clarify in order to avoid any future confusion. The correct
      >> height is 0.853".
      >> Thanks
      >> Harold
      >> On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 9:40 AM, matthew lamoureux <lamsland@...>wrote:
      >>> Next time I'm there I'm going to bring my table top micrometer. It's an
      >>> extremely precise dial caliper mounted on a stand. The thing that's
      >>> bothering me is we
      >>> ordered the base ground to Boxcar's specs listed on their site, .858".
      >>> The hand held dial caliper reads .8585". We measured the base and plate
      >>> together while the base was locked in the chase, which was a bit tricky, but
      >>> checked it a couple of times and got .922". Without actually measuring the
      >>> plate alone that would mean the plate was .0635" - .064". Why would the
      >>> plates be .004" higher than what's listed on the site for 152SB?
      >>> ________________________________
      >>> A thinner plate ia indicated; If you are using a 152 go to a 145.
      >>> --Eric Holub, SF
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      >> Boxcar Press
      >> 501 W. Fayette St. #222
      >> Syracuse, NY 13204
      >> www.boxcarpress.com
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