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  • bielerpr
    Nov 27 7:54 PM
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      I'd have no doubt it does, but I'd have to agree with Peter here, essentially, regarding PMS, this is what I do (and want to do), take it or leave it (though I will try and get it close).

      Letterpress isn't offset. Life is a lot easier if you just make that clear to your client. And, if the client doesn't accept that response, your life has just become so much easier, and with so much less frustration.


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      > PMS or not...a spec'd color is a spec'd color...matching a PMS swatch is a no-brainer... Pantone books are designed for multiple applications and work great for letterpress with some minor tweeks... imagine trying to reference color for a client in San Diego for 200 SKUs when your shop is in Massachusetts... without a pantone or one of the other standardized industry color specifiers your job just gets a million times more stressful...
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      > The Pantone swatchbooks are also really not designed for Letterpress.
      > (Until they actually produce them on on a letterpress!)
      > I've found it's almost always necessary to mix one swatch 'darker' or
      > more saturated (down the chart) in order to get close to the specified
      > value on the sheet. Also with pastel/tints, I use opaque white, which
      > allows me to actually see the color I'm mixing. (where the Pantone
      > book specifies 'transparent white' which is really just transparent!)
      > I also disclaim up down and sideways before accepting a job with PMS
      > specs.
      > http://www.exquisiteletterpress.com/faq/#ink-color
      > Happy Thanksgiving, again, and try not to buy too much useless junk ;-)
      > P
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