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11154RE: [PPLetterpress] Re: Dismantling a Windmill for moving

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  • Joanna Brinckerhoff
    Nov 5, 2009
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      I don't know if he is still in the business, but I worked with a man named
      John Guteck who was a Heidelberg technician. He installed the Windmill that
      you purchased from me, taught me how to use it, and serviced it for me every

      He was located outside of Chicago and the contact numbers I have for him are
      847-550-1617 (business) and 847-804-1617 (cell). It's been a while since I
      last called him, but maybe he is still around.

      Hope all is well with you.



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      A cautionary tale indeed.

      Don't use a pallet jack on a ramp.

      Bad idea.

      Glad to hear you and the press survived.
      Also glad to hear you've got a German tech nearby. Great resource!!

      Anybody know of a Windmill service tech in the Upper Midwest?


      On 5 Nov 2009, at 4:37 AM, Visualpropaganda wrote:

      > Hello all,
      > I just moved a windmill about two months ago. It was already
      > dismantled. The table (with paper feed etc.) was on a different pallet
      > than the base. I just hired a truck and was able to put it on the
      > truck with help from the people from whom I bought it. I tried
      > unloading it with the help of my father and nearly killed myself. No
      > ...
      > I know letterpress is a passion, but one to die for or even worse get
      > crippled for? I've learned from that, that I will never move the
      > windmill or a windmill on my own again.
      > Just another note about dismantling the windmill. I've found a retired
      > german heidelberg service technician, who helped me repair my windmill
      > and will help me to restore it. He said dismantling the table and
      > other pieces like the engine and the air pump doesn't really hurt the
      > windmill. It will all fit together again nicely. The advantage is,
      > that you will have the chance to give the windmill a good clean up
      > while dismantled.
      > Hope this helps
      > Mirko

      Peter Fraterdeus
      Exquisite Letterpress from Slow Print Studios
      http://slowprint. <http://slowprint.com/> com/

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