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11148Re: [PPLetterpress] Dismantling a Windmill for moving

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  • Steve Robison
    Nov 4, 2009
      To would be press movers...

      I can't resist jumping in here with yet another absurd mover's thought...

      Some years back, we were on vacation and it rained buckets while we were gone. Our basement flooded because the sump pump we had down there decided to quit. Murphy's law always works overtime when you're gone on vacation. Anyway, when we got back home we had a fairly good sized swimming pool under the house and stuff floating around everywhere down there.

      So my thought is this:

      As opposed to spending $8,000 to move the windmill, just hire some folks to move everything but the Heidi out of the basement. Then attach flotation devices to the windmill and fill the basement with water until you can float the press out!

      Let's see....

      $250 for labor to move everything out of the basement
      $450 for some really effective flotation tanks to attach to the press
      $500 water bill to fill up the basement
      $150 for a pump to pump out all the water after you get the press out
      $150 fan rental to air out the basement afterward
      $250 for labor to move everything else back in to the basement
      $250 for all the misc. stuff I forgot you'll need
      = $2,000 TOTAL

      See, with a little ingenuity you could save $6000 on the move, and if you invite the local TV news crews over, you could even see yourself on the 6 o'clock news that night, not to mention a YouTube video or two on the web, and maybe ask for donations to offset the costs sent to your offshore account.

      It's kind of like a story my Dad used to tell about a farmer who was having a problem getting his truck full of chicken's up a steep grade. So the farmer stopped the truck and sent his son to the back of the truck with a stick, instructing his son to wave the stick around wildly. The farmer then gunned the engine, and while his son waved the stick, half of the chickens were kept flying around, and the truck made it up and over the grade without a problem.

      Sometimes thinking out of the box (or in this case, "out of the basement") might make the impossible possible!

      By the way, I too have moved my share of heavy printing equipment over the years, both for myself and many others. I tend to shy away from moving anything larger than a 10x15 C&P, and have been quite comfortable watching (and sometimes advising) professional movers move the rest.

      Best wishes,


      Steve Robison
      The Robison Press
      Belmont, CA - about 25 miles south of San Francisco

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