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  • engrossersscript@aol.com
    Sep 18, 2009
      Hi Carmen I am in the same state as you are and also had the same problems =) I WOULD LOVE to be in Wisconsin right about now! lol We have a great printing museum here in Houston, they have tons of letterpress machines there that one can go and play with (if you belong to the Printers Guild which is like 15 dollars a year and they are great) we meet on the first Sat of the month (most of the times) unless is holiday or so then the second Sat of the month. Look around your area maybe you have a museum as well or a guild. Some of the folks in there dnt do this as business so they are pretty ok with teaching u a few things. If you find one then let me know because I would love to find one that is not 3000 dollars! lol

      I hope this helps you!


      Houston Tx

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      If you ever get to wisconsin let know i can show you how the press works.

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      I actually live in Dallas, Texas. The colleges here dont offer classes in Letterpress. There are tons of Letterpress boutiques, but when you go in and ask them questions about the technique or where i should begin; they get very uptight. I even had one shop owner tell me. "I don't teach letterpress and I don't offer my resources. This is a very competitive business. Good luck finding someone who will." After that; I'm pretty much in a state of frustration and being overwhelmed. I guess it's just the area I'm in.

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      > Where do you live, i bought my C&P for 600 in wisconsin. Would consider selling do not use much at this time.
      > Greg
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      > Date: Friday, September 18, 2009 1:47:30 am
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      > Subject: [PPLetterpress] Where do I begin?
      > Hi all! My name is Carmen. I originally started off as an event planner and designer. One day I r

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