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11051Re: Run length of Polymer plates

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  • Eric
    Sep 18, 2009
      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, matthew lamoureux <lamsland@...> wrote:
      > What's the run length metal backed photo polymer plates are rated for?
      > What's the longest run you've gotten out of a photo polymer plate?
      > With proper storage and care what's the longest anyone has kept and used a plate?
      I have gotten 25,000 impressions off MS plates with no wear, on a cylinder press. Still have the plates, 21 years old now, sitting on a galley; they look printable, but are line art with little detail.
      On the other hand, the HX plates I use now are sometimes unfit for re-use after a couple years, wrapped for storage, if they are typographically detailed. Sometimes re-drying helps, sometimes not.
      The most common practice is to store in a plastic bag to protect from moisture, and away from light. I tend to wrap in used tympan paper (an imperfect barrier), but I also have lead-mounted plates just sitting on galleys, most of which are fine. Go figure.
      Lots of variables, not just light and moisture but also the kind (and batch) of plate material itself are at work here. With photopolymer, I'd say the most important thing to save for re-use is the negative.
      --Eric Holub, SF
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