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  • Casey McGarr
    Aug 4, 2009
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      I felt the same way the first time I set some 10 pt type and it fell. Then picked the type back up and set it the correct way so it wouldn't fall.

      There is a lot of satisfaction setting type by hand. Now granted I don't set every job I print by handset type but when I do its an accomplishment. Really an accomplishment when I have all the sorts, LOL.

      However, thank you for photopolymer. What is not set by hand goes digital and I love it. Since I'm a graphic designer the opportunity to experiment with images and type is also very satisfying.

      I have a few friends here in the Dallas area that only print photopolymer and another group of friends that handset the type. As long as we both get the final piece printed in the way it was envisioned then great for all of us.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "rdziesing" <rziesing@...> wrote:
      > You know....I'm just not convinced that ANYone cares about the hours you spent slumped over a table straining your eyes and cursing your hand eye coordination.
      > Isn't the real purpose of any craft to produce the best possible product at the most reasonable price possible?
      > I set my name and address by hand once. That was the first and final time I had any desire to do so.
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