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10926Re: [PPLetterpress] Social Networks

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  • Dave Allen
    Jul 11, 2009
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      You will also notice that Gerald did not write that they were "banned"
      only that they would be removed from the list. If they wish to rejoin
      they can probably negotiate with Gerald to get back on.
      Dave Allen

      Beddall Bookbinding Conservation & Restoration
      840 Snowdrop Ave. Victoria BC V8Z 2N4
      (250)888-9380 http://www.Bookbinder.ca

      Lance Williams wrote:
      > Austin,
      > The point was that these networks DO NOT give you any advance notice that
      > the invitation will be sent to ALL entries in the address book... Common
      > thought would be to have the ability to select from entries in your address
      > book... This will happen to a lot of people ONCE and should be excused....
      > TWICE, and I am fully behind Gerald's decision..... I still think it
      > should be "Once Warned, twice banned"....
      > - Lance Williams
      > Williams Stationery Co.
      > Camden, New York
      > APA #785
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