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1092Re: [PPLetterpress] Service bureau question

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  • Gerald Lange
    Dec 2, 2002
      >I've never had conflicts outputting or using OpenType fonts from any
      >app--they behave just like T1 fonts (except if you have ID2, in which case
      >they are significantly different!). Have others experienced problems?
      >Have fun!
      Interesting about using OpenType in other apps. I think they actually
      behave like TT fonts rather than T1 though. Similar to the old GX fonts.
      Was able to convert those all to T1 with Fontographer because it saw
      them as TT. Haven't tried this on OT fonts but then again why bother.
      I've used OT in PageMaker (where you only have access to the basic 256
      character set from what I can tell). But I was unable to print out to my
      PostScript laser printer (PS errors). Don't know if generating as an EPS
      or PDF would solve that problem. Have to try it.

      Thanks for the info on the PDF settings.

      FontLab 4.5 for the Mac apparently was released yesterday. I understand
      that you can modify and create OT fonts with it. Hopeful sign. Most of
      the Adobe Pro stuff is a bit too generically heavy to use for letterpress.


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