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10911Re: [PPLetterpress] Gerald Giampa

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  • Ph.D.
    Jun 25, 2009
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Gerald Lange
      > Gerald Giampa, noted typographer, and founder
      > of Lanston Type Co. Ltd., has passed away.
      > . . .
      > He was also quite gifted as a compositor of
      > Monotype ornament borders and his work in
      > this area is quite renown.

      That's an understatement. I first met Giampa at the
      1984 typecasting conference. He showed me his
      portfolio of ornament work. All the different ornament
      pieces, carefully printed in several different shades
      of color on top of one another, were breathtakingly

      > I early on asked him to join this list, and in a rare
      > humble moment, he admitted, "You would not
      > want me there." Anyone who knew Giampa, or
      > of him, would know what he meant by that.

      Truly said.

      --Ph. D.
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