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10910Gerald Giampa

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jun 25, 2009
      Gerald Giampa, noted typographer, and founder of Lanston Type Co. Ltd., has passed away. Giampa, as he preferred to be known, was the first to accurately convert metal typefaces to digital and his company offered a significant collection of converted Lanston Monotype digital fonts. His collection is now available through P22.

      Of significance was his offering of complete character sets for Lanston typefaces, not only a first in the digital world, but also rarely seen in metal type collections.

      He was also quite gifted as a compositor of Monotype ornament borders and his work in this area is quite renown.

      I doubt PPLetterpress would even exist if it were not for his influence on the digital type world. I early on asked him to join this list, and in a rare humble moment, he admitted, "You would not want me there." Anyone who knew Giampa, or of him, would know what he meant by that.

      God speed.

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