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1090Re: [PPLetterpress] Service bureau question

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  • Harold Kyle
    Dec 2 4:58 AM
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      On 12/1/02 10:38 PM, "Gerald Lange" <bieler@...> wrote:
      > My question is: Are folks still experiencing problems with this
      > software and OpenType settings at service bureaus?. If so, is it best
      > to generate as a PDF? (best to generate as PDF anyway?) and if so, any
      > recommendations as to PDF settings for high-end output?

      It depends on the rip at your service bureau. More recent rips can handle
      native ID files. Talk with your people. In my case, the service bureau can't
      output ID and gets scared to output PDFs; our workaround has been to export
      EPS files to place in Quark. PDFs have drawbacks from their perspective.

      For PDF distilling from ID2 I've had the best luck with Export>PDF. The
      PressReady setting works fine for me. Again, check with the service bureau.
      Ask for the specifics of their preferred profile. Then you can File>PDF
      Styles...>New to make a custom setting for their rip.

      I've never had conflicts outputting or using OpenType fonts from any
      app--they behave just like T1 fonts (except if you have ID2, in which case
      they are significantly different!). Have others experienced problems?

      Have fun!

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