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  • Katie Harper
    Nov 27, 2002
      See? Voodoo! The process sounds a lot like making the perfect martini, to
      wit: wave a jigger of gin and say the word "vermouth" over it three times...

      I use mostly mouldmade or handmade papers, so it sounds like I need to
      revisit working damp, at least for some projects, and will try some
      experiments and various techniques (ie, voodoo charms and chants...)


      Happy Thanksgiving to All!

      Katie Harper
      Ars Brevis Press
      Cincinnati, OH

      > From: "Gerald Lange" <bieler@...>
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      > Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:31:05 -0000
      > To: PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: Dampening
      >> From my limited experience, I'd say any sufficiently rag paper will
      > benefit from dampening. OF this, Sebastian Carter of Rampant Lions
      > Press once said 'damp to the cheek, but not to the finger' In other
      > words, if it's glistening with moisture, you're gonna have problems
      > for sure.
      > Peter
      > I was involved in a fairly long book project with the
      > photographer/bookmaker Jeffrey Atherton and I told him about the "cool
      > to the skin of the neck not to the hand" test for correctly dampened
      > paper. Years later on he was explaining to someone about some of the craft
      > tricks etc he had learned on the project and told of this. I picked up
      > a scrap of notebook paper and told Jeff to hold it to his neck. He did so
      > and then looked at me in disbelief as if I had betrayed him. All paper is
      > cool to the skin of your neck.
      > Gerald
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