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  • Incline Press
    May 18, 2009
      > Alex -
      > I don¹t have a cell Alex, nor do I want/need one, which sort of seems to make
      > this new system a bit flawed.
      > I like cash. It¹s a system that has worked for a long time, and continues to
      > work. I don¹t stand in line to buy a (subway) ticket; I get on the bus, pay
      > the conductor, and all is well. What¹s wrong with that? What part of that
      > needs changing? For what purpose? Anyway, what¹s wrong with standing in line
      > all of a sudden? You save time? And what do you do with all those seconds and
      > minutes you have saved, learn to be a clock watcher?
      > Buying at a distance I can put a check in the mail, or send paper money.
      > Rarely do I ever need instant money transfer, but even the debit card has a
      > hard time accomplishing that, though it does enough of the job to fit that
      > need.
      > Let¹s try not to slavishly follow every new game that comes to town. ³Our new
      > world² you say, who is the ³us² in that? No-one asked me! I¹m happier with our
      > old world. I don¹t know why we got rid of the 20th century ­ this one¹s no
      > improvement so far, just more change for the sake of it. What a waste!
      > Graham
      Graham Moss

      Incline Press
      36 Bow Street
      Oldham OL1 1SJ England


      > Graham-
      > Will all respect, your thoughts here are a bit flawed. The bank has
      > no more access to your funds than if you had a simple debit card. You
      > put a certain amount of money in that acct, and you access it through
      > your cell. Instead of waiting in a line to buy a subway ticket with
      > your credit card, you just walk up to the turnstile, your phone
      > recognizes the turnstile, and you pay with a push of a button, then
      > go on your way.
      > It's also a somewhat misplaced criticism (mindlessly accepting tech
      > fads) of someone who makes a living restoring & printing with hundred
      > year old machines and binding books by hand.
      > Fritz gets mad at me because I don't have a checkbook, but that's
      > just our new world.
      > Cheers, Alex
      > press eight seventeen - lexington letterpress
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