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10808looking for some parts for old style C&P Pilot 6x10

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  • bon cook
    May 10, 2009
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      Hello list
      I have a recently rescued from exile (in a basement for
      years and years) C&P Pilot
      6x10 old style that is missing a few parts. If
      anyone has any information where I could find these parts please let me know.

      It is missing
      one complete roller including trucks and stock
      There is no feed table bracket for the right side
      The left side has the feed table bracket but nothing else
      mounted to it
      There is no chase
      The chase hook on top is broken in half at the screw
      It is missing the lever key
      So far I think that’s it but I haven't finished examining it closely.

      The one roller that is attached will need to be recovered
      and I would appreciate any recommendations for where to send it and the type I
      might need.
      I’ll be printing with lead and wood type and linocuts.
      Thanks and all the best,Bon

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