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10770Re: [PPLetterpress] "learning how to use a metal backed polymer plate"

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  • Dan Franklin
    May 1, 2009
      Bryce was wondering about this problem ...

      >I am printing on a vandercook SP20. I am experiencing some plate
      >creep/slippage on the plate that has almost total coverage. The
      >pressure is forcing the plate to slip down the base as I run the

      I assume that by 'slip down the base' you mean that the plate slips
      toward the feed table of your SP20.

      1 - Make sure that the plate is cut squarely on the end toward the
      feed table (henceforth, forward end).

      2 - Position the forward end of the base at exactly the position of
      the forward end of the plate. (Because you can adjust the paper
      position on the Vandercook cylinder, the position of the base is not

      3 - Obtain a length of lead rule and, using an ordinary metal file,
      file off the 'printing' portion of the rule (the row of dots or line
      that prints). You now have a nonprinting rule that is slightly proud
      of the base.

      4 - Place the lead rule against the forward end of the base and lock
      the base in position.

      5 - Position the plate on the base.

      6 - Print print print.

      The lead rule will keep the plate from creeping forward as the
      cylinder moves over it, and the rule won't print because you've filed
      off the printing portion (unless you are trying to execute a very
      deep impression).

      Dan Franklin
      The Two Sisters Press
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