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  • nashopolis
    May 1, 2009
      Howdy all

      I'm testing the waters of Photopolymer plates right now. I have been using Mag plates for the last 12 years. I am familiar with their strengths and weaknesses but I am in new territory now with the polymer plates.

      I am borrowing a magnetic base and using a metal backed polymer plate. The client of course wants lots of deboss so the pressure is heavy. Using lettra stock. I am printing on a vandercook SP20.

      I am experiencing some plate creep/slippage on the plate that has almost total coverage. The pressure is forcing the plate to slip down the base as I run the project.
      No problems on the plate with lighter coverage.

      I tried taping with artist tape around the edges of the plate to keep it in place but to no avail. I would try spray glue next but since the base is a loaner I don't want to gunk it up.

      Are there any fixes for this problem? Or common practices?

      Bryce McCloud
      Isle of Printing
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