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10679Re: Halftone Letterpress Poster

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  • binarylevitz
    Apr 24 5:57 AM

      150lpi is really high. That is quite the challenge to try sometime.

      Our shop uses a Jet A2 machine. The KF95 material washes extremely quick, more so than any other materials we've used. And yes, 2-2.5 minutes does leave a clean floor on the washout. The material really dissolves fast. Even 10-15 seconds of extra wash time can make a big difference it terms of holding firmly fine isolated details.(hairline dotted rules, etc)


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Gerald Lange" <Bieler@...> wrote:
      > Ben
      > I've run 150lpi for reproduction of watercolor images. Mainly to get as far away as possible from a perceptible dot pattern.
      > I am wondering though what kind of processing machine you are using? These are unusual exposure/washout rates for Toyobo brand plates. I know exposure is completely dependent upon machine/bulbs/electrics but these seem abnormal to me (Toyobo recommends 14/15 as solid on the Stouffer scale for this plate) but the washout seems rather low. Does 2 minutes leave a clean floor to the plate? I push the exposure and washout to the extreme but I normally run 3 minute exposure, 3.5 minute washout for the KF/KM 95 plates. Any longer than that on exposure and letterform counters start filling. Washout at 3.5 leaves a clean floor with no undercutting, which is what one would want, I'd think. Something I don't know about this? Curious.
      > Gerald
      > http://BielerPress.blogspot.com
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