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  • Ph.D.
    Mar 5, 2009
      I think it's a stretch to say that importing printing type
      is covered by the First Amendment. For many decades,
      there was a 25% duty on imported type (although
      there was no duty on matrices, as Congress wanted
      to encourage a domestic type founding industry).

      My experience in importing type has been that if the
      package is small enough to be shipped via postal
      service, it will arrive at your door without any duty
      or fees. But if it is heavy enough to have to come by
      UPS or other freight service, you'll get a letter saying
      that it has arrived, that it is with a customs broker
      (even if no duty is due). Then you'll have to work
      with the broker who'll charge you a fee to become a
      customer of theirs, then a fee to handle this transaction,
      and perhaps shipping charges and handling fees as

      --Ph. D.

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      Not widely known is that US Customs and Congress are both forbidden
      from interfering with the import of printing types by....

      The First Amendment to the Constitution!

      Here's to Freedom of the Press!


      Peter Fraterdeus

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