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  • typetom@aol.com
    Mar 3, 2009
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      ...Last type foundry using hard metal.

      ...last type foundry using foundry casters

      A type foundry is a place where metal is melted and cast in a mold. The
      Monotype system can accurately be described as a complete type foundry.

      Claims of type founders regarding the hardness and quality of their type are
      notoriously suspect. Keystone claimed to be the inventors and sole makers of
      Nickel-Alloy Type. Barnhart Bros & Spindler made Superior Copper Mixed Type.
      The amount of those metals in type was probably negligible. Only a few
      foundries ever actually revealed the proportions of the various metals used in
      their type.

      Type metal varies from soft to hard, to brittle, depending on the relative
      quantities of lead, tin, and antimony. Considering just the inherent hardness
      of the metal, Dale Guild metal is essentially the same as type made from
      recycled ATF metal. So even the occasional casting done here at Denver Back Alley
      Type uses "hard metal." The type offered by Skyline type, also, is cast with
      hard metal, essentially identical to the metal used at Dale Guild.

      The key differences, besides the metal formula, are the casting machines
      involved and the knowledge and attention of the worker, and the protocols being
      followed such as casting speed and temperature and adjustments to the
      machinery. A Barth caster, and a Thompson caster for that matter, will make harder
      type than my antique Monotype because they cast with greater pressure. But I
      expect any type I cast will out-live me.

      While Stephenson Blake described itself as The Last of the Old English Type
      Founders, Mouldtype's monotype was The Best in Any Case. While MacKellar,
      Smiths & Jordan accurately claimed status as the Oldest American Type Foundry,
      anyone who casts type today might honorably be described as Successor to
      Gutenberg and Garamond.

      At Now It's Up To You, we cast type out of thin air.

      Tom Parson/ Now It's Up To You/ Denver Back Alley Type Foundry
      157 S Logan, Denver CO 80209
      (303) 777-8951
      (720) 480-5358 cellphone
      _typetom@..._ (mailto:typetom@...)

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