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10558Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: U.S. type foundries

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  • Graham and Kathy
    Mar 3, 2009
      No, quite so, it isn't just a matter of the hardness of the metal that
      defines a foundry, but Dale Guild is still the last foundry in the US using
      hard metal. Count your blessings; there's none here.

      As a printer, I'd put hardness of the metal higher than any of the other
      physical attributes in any hierarchy of importance, assuming the face of the
      type wasn't full of bubbles that is!

      Graham Moss

      Incline Press
      36 Bow Street
      Oldham OL1 1SJ England


      On 3/3/09 14:26, "parallel_imp" <Megalonyx@...> wrote:

      >> Or better, which is the real point: Last type foundry using hard metal.
      > Graham, it isn't just a matter of typemetal. The temperature and
      > pressure at which type is cast is just as important to the hardness of
      > type, and thats why Thompson and Monotype casters don't produce the
      > same quality as foundry casters. And it takes foundry mats to stand up
      > to that casting environment, not the brass and aluminum mats made for
      > Monotype equipment. One could ruin mats and machines by trying to make
      > type harder than is normal for the equipment. But wherever any of
      > these machines are used is still a type foundry.
      > --Eric Holub, SF
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