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10305Re: [PPLetterpress] Hot metal type

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Dec 10 5:19 PM
      On 10 Dec 2008, at 6:11 PM, Richard Kegler wrote:

      > Ludlow is still used for foil stamping. If it starts to wear down,
      > just have
      > a backup or two cast.
      > We will be offering this as a service through the Western NY Book Arts
      > Collaborative for people who want Ludlow lines cast.
      > Our library is about 100 fonts right now:
      > http://www.wnybookarts.org/ludlow.php
      > Richard Kegler
      > -----------------------------


      Bravo bravo ;-)

      I am so happy to see letterpress/book arts collectives popping up east
      of the Rockies!

      The Dubuque Book Arts Center (under construction) salutes you!!

      We don't do hot metal, although we (sadly) just had to pass on a whole
      shop full of ludlow stuff (near Minneapolis - we'll get the Heidelberg
      and the Miehle V45. Just couldn't manage the whole shebang)

      Our good friend and fellow traveler Tim Fay down in Anamosa produces
      his annual Wapsipinicon Almanac directly from Linotype metal (set and
      cast in his shop). (On a 20x26 two-color Miller Cylinder, no less).
      Highly recommended both for the type and the content, which is top-
      drawer... so to speak. There's a brand new issue out this week!


      BTW, Tim's also a photopolymer user, just to stay on topic



      Peter Fraterdeus
      Exquisite Letterpress

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