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10282Re: [PPLetterpress] beginning with letterpress

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  • Lola Espinosa
    Dec 3, 2008
      Hola Kati!
      I think your first and best bet is trying to learn as much as possible
      from that man who still prints stationary with hand set type. That
      practice will give you the basics. He will teach you about inks,
      measurements, spacing, locking forms, everything!

      I am sure you can grab some nice old type in good condition from
      imprentas tipográficas thant don't use it anymore and still keep their
      cases accumulating dust and dirt in forgotten corners of their shops.

      And about printing your own designs... I don't know what it is like in
      Perú but here in Spain we don't use much photopolymer plates but zinc
      plates. They are exactly the same plates used for hot foil stamping
      but they are thiner, so you might get to know where to get them from
      any of the shops you have known are making hot foil stamping.

      Also, your "master man" will be a good source again and will teach you
      how to use them as I am sure he will be using them for logos in his

      I hope my observations are of some help.
      Feel free to ask me in Spanish, I am not an expert but I was in
      exactly your situation four or five years ago.

      Best luck,
      Lola Espinosa

      2008/12/1, kati sanabria <kasanabria@...>:
      > Hi,
      > I'm a graphic designer living in Lima, Peru and I just signed to PPL. I
      > discover this wonder proccess two months ago and I fell in love.
      > I'm deciding to buy a press at the end of december, one bigger than letter
      > size with motor and a big platen that is in excellent conditions, but I need
      > to know more about the materials I need and if those are sold here.
      > I'm collecting all the info about the process here on internet (sites,
      > blogs, videos) because where I live letterpress itself has almost
      > dissapeared. There are lots of printing business that still use letterpress
      > (imprentas tipograficas in spanish) but for hot-foil stamping and engraving
      > only.
      > Miraclously a friend told me about a man who has a tiny letterpress (5x8)
      > who still sells stationery (mainly business cards) and he will give me a
      > workshop which makes me really happy. However, as I see, digital letterpress
      > is the unique way now as nobody sells types here anymore.
      > I would apprecciatte all your advices and knowledge helping me to solve
      > these my first questions:
      > Which kind of photopolymer plates are suitable for letterpress?
      > I know flexographic industry use the same material and I recently contact
      > some business here who sells this, but I'm not sure if these are the same
      > and I need to tell them the specific names or products. Are those of dupont
      > (cyrel) the correct ones? in which widths?
      > What kind of inks and papers are suitable for the print process?
      > I would love all the advices you can provide.
      > Thank you,
      > Kati
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