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  • Graham and Kathy
    Dec 2, 2008
      Seeing the number of retail shops and manufacturing shops that have gone
      bust, I'm willing to believe that good times are not just around the corner.

      We are planning other printing work from book printing/publishing just in
      case our usual customer base keeps hands in pockets when the next few books
      come out. It's always hard to tell, as each of our books is so different
      from each other that we have few standard customers and a large mailing

      I should think jobbing printers would stand a better chance of being able to
      see trends and thus have a chance to predict where things are going. And
      even then, those who serve the circus elements of life are more likely to
      retain work in a recession, and anyone printing government paperwork.
      Neither figure in our plans.

      Graham Moss
      Incline Press
      36 Bow Street
      Oldham OL1 1SJ England

      On 2/12/08 07:21, "Gerald Lange" <Bieler@...> wrote:

      > Hi Jacob
      > Well, it did not occur to me but as one correspondent put it, no one
      > is going to tell you they are in trouble, at least, not in a public
      > forum. Pointless post. Good to hear you are doing okay.
      > Gerald
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