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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Nov 2, 2002
      At 9:32 AM -0500 2002-11-02, Katie Harper wrote:
      >I agree with Kathy: one can't have too many books about typography. While
      >on the subject, we mustn't forget Geoffrey Dowding's excellent slim volume,
      >Finer Points in the Spacing and Arranging of Type,

      Ah, be careful with Mr. Dowding.
      His arrangements are actually very poor.

      In any case, do as he says, not as he does.

      Check out the page on 'optical alignment of margins' and see if you can determine the problem. These are visual problems, and have to be solved visually, not mechanically.

      > which I have found doubly
      >useful, since it applies to those of us who set metal perhaps even more than
      >it does for setting digital type for photopolymer. When setting in metal
      >nowadays, I hunt to find 5/em spaces for word spacing rather than 3/m, which
      >now to me looks like such a large space it could house a family of four...
      >As a teacher, I'm always looking for good typography books for students in
      >beginning and intermediate stages. I agree with others on Stop Steeling
      >Sheep, as much as I might admire Eric Spiekerman as a type designer.

      Would be interested in your critique of ESs book. Is it too German? Gerry?


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