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10111Re: [PPLetterpress] font problem update

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  • Lamsland
    Sep 6, 2008
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      don't be to too hard on them, pagemaker is NOT the best app for
      collecting a file to send off to a service bureau. Personally I've
      never had a ton of luck making a half way decent PDF out of it on a
      windoze machine either.

      Matthew "LAMMY" Lamoureux
      Full Metal Press - Operis servo a specialis nundinae

      On Sep 5, 2008, at 8:05 PM, parallel_imp wrote:

      > Thanks to all who responded. The customer dug deeper and found the
      > missing fonts, AND the service bureau discovered they had the Mac
      > version already (and thankfully, their Zip 250 drive was still
      > functional). I suspect the dismembering of the font family may be from
      > purchasing by download.
      > As for pdfs, I think a customer who can't properly gather the
      > necessary files for a job may also have problems generating a good
      > pdf. That's been my experience anyway. But even on a PC laptop,
      > without Acrobat, he is able to do book designs that Thompson-Shore (or
      > whoever it is) accepts and prints.
      > firmly on the trailing edge, I remain, faithfully yours,
      > Eric Holub, SF

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