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Making Your Own DIY Photopolymer Plates—SVC Seattle

Ellie Mathews and Carl Youngmann from The North Press, Port Townsend, will be teaching an all-day class at the School for Visual Concepts in Seattle on
Sep 14

Here's the details about the Animation + Printmaking call for entrie

Here's the info. that didn't show up in yesterday's post about the call for the Animation+Printmaking screening during the Southern Graphics Conference in
barb tetenbaum
Sep 6
    barb tetenbaum
    Sep 5
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    AV Orbital VIII A3 for sale

    Anderson Vreeland photopolymer platemaker for sale. Recently tested. Good vacuum, heaters, fans, heating element, brush. Timers for washout motor and exposure
    Mike Metz
    Aug 31

    Letterpress Instruction

    Contemporary Studio Letterpress Art Center College of Design http://www.artcenter.edu/acn/, Archetype Press, South Campus. 950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena.
    Aug 26

    Re: looking for Redwood & Shelley Andante type

    The real name of Redwood in metal type is Raleigh Cursive. The real name of Shelley Script in metal type could be Typo Script, but there were several similar
    Ph. D.
    Aug 5

    looking for Redwood & Shelley Andante type

    I'm new to the group, and to letterpress, but I recently acquired a pile (literally) of type. After sorting it all, it turned out to be Redwood 24 pt and
    Aug 5

    BASF Plate washout unit for sale.

    Just posted my polymer plate clean out unit for sale on Craiglist if anyone is interested. Highly prefer pickup from College Station, but if after a couple
    Mirka Hokkanen
    Jul 31

    Platemaker for sale

    Anderson Vreeland Orbital VIII A-3 (11 ¾ x 16 ½) Recently used New timers on washout and exposure units Needs new kreen blanket (vacuum pressure is 8lbs
    Mike Metz
    Jul 29

    Re: Question re composition and distribution of type in the early mo

    Distributing type into the wrong box is certainly a risk we all face but I doubt that a worker would have distributed a whole page into the wrong case. For
    David Goodrich
    Jul 19

    Question re composition and distribution of type in the early modern

    I am writing to the members of this list server to see if anyone has done any research into the areas of composition and distribution of type in the early
    Stephen Lubell
    Jul 14

    Heidelberg Cylinder KS for sale

    We're selling our Heidelberg Cylinder KS - asking $6800 or best offer. Ideal for letterpress printing. Maximum Sheet size: 15” x 20.5”.
 Serial number:
    Bruce Smith
    May 11

    Re: another one lost

    I’ll second the recommendation for Atlantic Paper - great people to work with. ________________________ Chad Pastotnik Deep Wood Press 231.587.0506
    Chad Pastotnik
    May 5

    Re: another one lost

    ... No kidding. That may be why they decided to drop it! Too much trouble. Legion/Letterpresspapers.com will ship by freight on a palette, but that can add
    Peter Fraterdeus
    May 4

    Re: another one lost

    Takach paper in NM. On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Megalonyx@... [PPLetterpress]
    Alan Hayes
    May 4
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