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Aceh: The Portrait of Savagery

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  • M.N.Djuli
    INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR ACEH 86-20 57th Road, Apt B Elmhurst, NY 11373 Press and Communications Division Translation of a compilation prepared by CORDOVA of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2001
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      86-20 57th Road, Apt B
      Elmhurst, NY 11373


      Press and Communications Division
      Translation of a compilation prepared by
      CORDOVA of Banda Aceh
      Posting of June 30  2001


      The Portrait of Savagery
      By: Otto Syamsuddin Ishak



      RI = Indonesian security forces

      AGAM = Military wing of Free Aceh Movement

      CBH = the new Indonesian military operational codename given in line with the Presidential Instruction no. 4/2001.






      Comments by:


      Central Aceh


      1.        Muslim (41), and sons

      2.         Basri (19)


      3.        5 yrs old child


      1.      Neck slashed; chest shot, belly pierced.

      2.      shot and slashed injuries.

      3.      decapitated.


      RI: Perpetrators were more than a dozen AGAM.


      AGAM: Perpetrators were RI soldiers and militia.


      Central Aceh


      62 civilians murdered and 585 village houses burnt down


      4.        Victims were shot and slashed.


      RI: Perpetrators were more than a dozen AGAM.

       AGAM: Perpetrators were RI soldiers and militia.


      South East Aceh

      14-06-01:Civilian population

      5.        30 houses burnt down.

      No remarks expressed by any side.


      North Aceh


      2 carpenter brothers: M. Yusuf (32) and Idris (25)


      Both shot and burnt in their house, their motorcycle missing during a RI sweeping operation.


      RI Lt.Col. Firdaus of  CBH: No report has been made yet by my men.

      AGAM: no comments issued.

       The People: witnessed the arrest of both victims by RI troops during a sweeping operaion  at Simpang Kramat (Lhok Seumawe)


      East Aceh


      1.      Ms. Suaibah (30), teacher.

      2.      3 unidentified male corpss.


      1.      Shot on chest while walking.

      2.      Faces broken beyond recognition



      No comments issued by both sides.

      Eyewitnesses: perpetrators 2 men on motorcycle.


      South Aceh


      1. Male corpse (about 40 y.old)


      1. Neck almost totally severed, waist and shoulders slashed, clad only in underwear


      No comments issued by both sides.





      1. Villages found 5 corpses and

      2. grave of missing Tgk Bukhari  .


      3.      Bodies too mutilated for identification

      4.      Buried in very shallow grave.


      RI: No comment

      GAM: Victims were civilians shot by RI troops during an opertion in Meureudu


      Aceh Besar


      Victims were of the same family of Biluy village.


      5.      Zulkarnain: slash wound on the face and bullet penetrating from chin towards to cranial;

      6.      Kartini:  face slashed and head gun shot wounds;

      7.      Neni: shot from throat towards cranial.



      RI: AGAM did it (“they will not live in peace forever”)


      AGAM: RI soldiers did it (“we are not enemies of the civilians”).


      South Aceh


      4 corpses found on roadside at Sidikalang of North Aceh-South Aceh trunk road.


      Corpes found headless, clad in underwear, whipping injuries on backs and slashing wounds on chests  and stomachs.


      No comments issued by both sides.


      West Aceh


      1. Two highschool students of Calang;

      2. One civilian.


      3.      All were hanged and slashed. Victiims were arrested by RI troops.

      4.      The victim was shot; torture marks on body; victim was arrested by RI troops.



      RI: No student killed at Krueng Sabe.Police Station.


      AGAM: No comments issued.


      Eye Witnesses:  2 teachers and 30 students were detained by RI troops at Krueng Sabe Police Station. 2 students were hanged, 1 in critical condition after being forced to swallow sand and plastics, 1 civilian shot dead; others physically brutalized and verbally abused, denigrating their religion and ethnic.


      Aceh Besar


      1family: Ali Basyah (father); Nurmala (mother) and Nuraida (18, daughter), found dead on the beach of Lampu’uk.


      Shot on chests and faces slashed.


      RI: There was an ared contact when our soldiers were ambushed by AGAM.

       AGAM: There was no armed contact.

      The people: The family was kidnapped by men driving a Toyota van.


      South Aceh


      5 Corpes found on roadside at Babah Buloh, Blangpidie.



      Victims were shot and tortured.


      RI: Victims were wanted AGAM members.

      AGAM: Victoms were civilians kidnapped at Blodang on April 13 2001.


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