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SIRA representative for Lhok Tapak Tuan arrested

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  • M.N.Djuli
    SIRA representative for Lhok Tapak Tuan arrested This is a translation of a Press Release issued by the Acheh Referendum Information Centre concerning the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2003
      SIRA representative for Lhok Tapak Tuan arrested
      This is a translation of a Press Release issued by the Acheh Referendum Information Centre concerning the arrest by Indonesian para military force, Brimob, of its representative for Lhok Tapak Tuan, South Acheh.
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      Sent: Saturday, February 08, 2003 10:49 PM

      Press Release

      A member of the SIRA's Consulate for Lhok Tapak arrested

      A member of SIRA's Consulate for Lhok Tapak Tuan  (South Acheh), Abdullah, 22, was arrested by a non-organic (non local) unit of the Indonesian paramilitary force, Brimob, seconded to reinforce the Police Station of Kuala Batee, Southwest Acheh, on February 6 2003.

      The victim departed from Banda Acheh heading for North Kluet, South Acheh on Thursday, January 6 2003, by a green mini-bus L-300, bearing registration plate no. BK 7626 DK. On arrival in front of the Kuala Batee police station at about 17.00 hrs., the minisbus was stopped in a "sweeping" operation conducted by Brimob. The troops found on him SIRA organistional documents that he brought from the central office in Banda Acheh, and these were used as reason for his arrest.

      At the time of this writing, February 8 2003, Abdullah is still detained at the said Kuala Batee police station. 

      For the sake of respecting human rights, democracy and the spirit of the COHA agreement to end hostilities between the Free Acheh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian Government (GoI), signed in Geneva last December 9 2002, we demand that the Polri (Indonesian Police) release immediately our brother Abdullah. Is is ironic and ridiculous that in the midst of the all-out attempts to end the conflict in Acheh, Polri should create a new problem that may disturb the situation that is starting to be conducive. The GAM-GoI agreement gives the civil society, in no uncertain term, the freedom to express its democratic rights without hindrance. Consequently, SIRA considers this detention as without any lawful basis, but in fact represents an effort to stifle the civil society movement and is a form of the Indonesian infamous "shock-therapy" terror.

      In this connection, the Henry Dunant Centre (HDC) and the Joint Security Committee (JSC) must make the maximum effort to free this member of the SIRA Consulate of Lhok Tapak Tuan. And  as proof of the seriousness of their commitment to implement the Geneva accord, the HDC and JSC must also do all they can to prevent any possibility of recurrence of similar actions by the Indonesian security forces in future.

       Through this Press Release, SIRA also calls on all the people of Acheh to be alert over the efforts of provocation, intimidation  and negative propaganda being carried out by the Indonesian Government through its elements in Acheh. The placement by the police of Muhammad Nazar under the APB order, and the Shoot-On-Site order issued by the military, the stiffling of the civil society rights, as well as a series of actions carried out by the GoI in Acheh, are all an indicator of such efforts.  

       Kutaradja, (Banda Acheh), February 8, 2003 

      signed: H A M Z A H - member The Presidium Council, Acheh Referendum Information Centre (SIRA)

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