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URGENT ACTION : An Appeal to Release Students Activist in Aceh

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  • Reyza Zain
    -Apologize for Multiple Posting- URGENT ACTION: We release this Urgent Action to guarantee the safety of two of eight students who was taken illegally to the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2002

       -Apologize for Multiple Posting-


      We release this Urgent Action to guarantee the safety of two
      of eight students who was taken illegally to the police
      headquarters  paramilitary police and military on May 6, 2002
      in a peaceful really in Banda Aceh. 


      May 6, 2002 - 09.30 am.
      A small group of student from Student Action Gathering
      Against Military (HANTAM, Himpunan Aksi Mahasiswa Anti
      Militer) members numbering 11 persons was heading towards the
      Simpang Lima (traffic roundabout in the center of the town)
      to demonstrate against the cruelty and brutality of the
      Indonesian military towards the Acehnese civilians. The
      protest was a peaceful really to pressure two conflicting
      parties in Aceh to cease the war and asked for international
      intervention in the conflict.

      They marched by carrying United Nations, Indonesian, Free
      Aceh Movement, and Referendum flags. They also flied a banner
      said "Only one word for Aceh, CEASE-FIRE, TNI-POLRI and GAM
      back to barrack!". There were flag of Indonesian and Free
      Aceh Movement in the two sided of the banner.

      May 6, 2002 - 10.10 am.
      A member of the group Taufik M.Ali, 20 was arrested by
      paramilitary police (BRIMOB), and taken in a van heading to
      their base District Police Hq (Polresta Banda Aceh).

      May 6, 2002 - 10.45 am.
      Seven other participants:
      1. Muhammad Aditia, 22
      2. Imam Juwaini, 23
      3. Askalani, 22
      4. Misdarul Ihsan, 20
      5. Asmara Diah, 21
      6. Muksalmina, 21
      7. Said Habibi, 20
      they were arrested by paramilitary police (BRIMOB) and
      military troops (TNI-KODAM) numbering about 75 men. The
      students were taken to the Aceh Police Hq (Polda Aceh) using
      sequestered public minibuses while the remaining three
      managed to flee.

      May 6, 2002 - 7.00 pm.
      Six students released by the police, then they were on hide
      because of the military is still looking for them. There are
      three other activist who are still on the custody, they were
      tortured very badly especially Taufiq M Ali who is on held in
      Polresta Banda Aceh.

      May 7, 2002
      A lawyer had a chance to see M. Taufiq in Polresta Banda
      Aceh. He saw that M. Taufiq was tortured very badly by non-
      local paramilitary police who base in Polresta Banda Aceh
      (Brimob BKO). His face and body was languid and torn
      especially his eye and mouth because was beaten by several
      troops. Then he cannot eat anything. He had to bring to
      Police Hospital for treatment of his injured. The police
      brought him back to Polresta Banda Aceh after several hours
      in hospital.

      Muhammad Aditia who was held in Polda Aceh moved to Poresta
      Banda Aceh too.

      Background Information:

      HANTAM is a coalition of IAIN Ar-Raniry university students
      who was demanding for a serious peace talk between Indonesia
      Government (Pemerintah Republik Indonesia or RI) and Free
      Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka or GAM). This group is
      one of student groups who demand United Nations direct
      intervention in Aceh, which was symbolized by carrying United
      Nations flags.

      Indonesian government had been suppressed civil movement in
      Aceh in last 3 years. Starting 2000, the Indonesia military
      usually seized NGOs offices in Aceh and crack down the civil
      movement in Aceh. The government use military forces and
      police to silencing civil movement in Aceh, which was become
      more organized after the fall down of Soeharto. Today, under
      Megawati Sukarno Putri government, the kidnapping, detaining,
      and killing human rights activists and humanitarian workers
      by armed forces had tied the freedom of expression in
      Indonesia especially in the conflict area such as Aceh.

      [Read more report on this at Amnesty International:
      www.amnesty.org and Human Rights Watch Report: www.hrw.org by
      using keyword: ���aceh���]

      Serious human rights violations, including unlawful killings,
      "disappearances," torture and arbitrary arrests continue in
      Aceh during military and police operations against the armed
      opposition group, the Free Aceh Movement. New military
      operations began in May 2001, and hundreds of extra troops
      have been sent to the province on the northern tip of the
      island of Sumatra. Local human rights groups have reported
      that around 6000 people, many of them civilians, have been
      killed since the beginning of the military operations. Anyone
      detained by the police or military in Aceh is at grave risk
      of torture or other human rights violations.

      On May 9, 2002 will be held a peace talk in Geneva,
      Switzerland between Indonesia government and Free Aceh
      Movement, which facilitated by Henry Dunant Center. The
      student groups in Aceh were demanding both parties to be more
      serious in peace talk especially to implement the cease-fire
      on the ground all over Aceh. The two yearlong peace talk do
      not improve the situation in the region, which cause at least
      1600 deaths.

      Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in
      Bahasa Indonesia, English or your own language:
      - Urging the authorities to release M. Taufiq and Muhammad
      Aditia immediately and unconditionally;
      - Urging the authorities to provide guarantees that M. Taufiq
      and Muhammad Aditia will not be subjected to torture, ill
      treatment or other violation of human rights anymore, and
      will be given immediate access to: lawyers of his own choice,
      his family and medical attention;
      - Urging the authorities to stop harming the student
      activists, human rights activists and humanitarian workers by
      any means;
      - Urging the authorities to guarantee Acehnese freedom of
      expression of their rights especially for student and NGOs

      Sent you appeal to:

      Markas Polres Banda Aceh
      Jl. T.M Daud Beureueh No. 71
      Banda Aceh
      Phone  + 62 651 41507
      Fax    + 62 651 21729 /41507 

      General Irjen Yusuf Manggabarani
      Markas Polisi Daerah Aceh
      Jl. Cut Meutia
      Banda Aceh
      Phone + 62 651 21711
      Fax   + 62 651 22488
      Salutation: Dear General Irjen Yusuf Manggabarani

      Brig. Gen. M. Djali Yusuf
      Jl. Jenderal A. Yani
      Banda Aceh
      Indonesia 23122
      Phone + 62 651 22099 / 22213 / 22464
      Salutation: Dear Brig. Gen. M. Djali Yusuf

      Coordinating Minister For Politics And Security
      Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono    
      Menteri Koordinator Bidang Politik dan Keamanan
      Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 15
      Jakarta Pusat 10110   
      Fax: +62 21 345 1064 / 345 0918 / 344 1751

      COPIES TO:

      Megawati Sukarnoputri
      President RI
      Istana Merdeka
      Indonesia 10110
      Fax    + 62 21 345 2685 (via State Secretariat)
             + 62 21 526 8726/380 5511/345 7782
      Email  presiden@... 
      Salutation: Your Excellency


      To find the Indonesian Diplomatic and Consular Missions
      addresses around the world:


      Aceh Referendum Information Center
      Sentral Informasi Referendum Aceh

      SIRA International Office
      Woodward Building
      733 Fifteenth Street N.W.
      Suite 928
      Washington, DC 20005
      Phone 1 202 3682862
      Fax     1 202 3931358
      Email  internationalaffairs@...

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