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Call for Papers, 2nd International Conference on Aceh's Development: From A Bitter Past Towards a Better Prospect

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  • Al Chaidar
    Call for Papers & Panel Proposal Dear Friends, Below are announcements from Organizing Committee of International Conference on the Development of Aceh,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
      Call for Papers
      Panel Proposal
      Dear Friends,
      Below are announcements from Organizing Committee of International Conference on the Development of Aceh, Universitas Malikussaleh which will bw held in 29-30 December 2007. The Organizing Committee of the conference has decided to host participant at a modest venue in ACC (Academic Center Cunda) Lhokseumawe. Participants and paper presented will stay at Samudra International Hotel (formerly known as Hotel Lido Graha) Lhokseumawe.
      This is a continuation of first International Conference (in vernacular name, the conference was “Persidangan Antarabangsa Pembangunan Aceh, popularly abbreviated as PAPA 1st) held in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi , Malaysia on 2006. We invite you to submit paper abstracts for this conference. You are also welcome to send in panel proposals.
      Please forward the information to your post-graduate students, faculty members and colleagues who might be interested in.
      2nd International Conference
      On The Development of Aceh:
      From a Bitter Past, Towards a Better Prospect
      Universitas Malikussaleh
      Lhokseumawe, Aceh
      3rd Announcement
      In 26 December 2004, one of the largest catasthrope of this recent century was occurred in Aceh, an enermous earthquake driven tsunami. Now, in the aftermath of tsunami disaster, the Acehnese heading with the problem of how to change the Aceh’s situations, from a bitter past to the better prospect. That’s what Acehnese people thought after the tsunami devastated their productive coastal land three years ago.    It was not only impact for hundred thousands of Acehnese became victims and the destruction of the region but also paralyzed economical structure of Aceh for several times. But life must go on even the tears of Acehnese people who lost their family in natural disaster has never dry to drop. Universitas Malikussaleh academia would like to represent abstractly the developmental works after this largest recent century catasthrope through its international conference.
      The conference will investigate under what circumstances that the development  of Aceh will be at least means to be an act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining situation and the state of ‘developed’ from a prevailing condition of ‘underdeveloped’. This conference will elaborate the development in Aceh be as a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage); The act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; A state in which things are improving; etc.
      The 26th December 2004 tsunami and earthquake with 8,9 Richter scale in Aceh and Nias island, North Sumatra,  have caused a massive disruption to the productive infrastructure; has destroyed or damaged a large proportion of the population in coastal areas; seriously obliterated the local administration and public services; as devastated the livelihoods of thousands of people dependant on home based enterprises in rural and urban areas, severely traumatised the survivors. Mortality is confirmed at in excess of 450,000 and many hundred thousand more dead victims are missing or being pitfallen under the debris. According to the assessments by local authorities, NGOs and UN agencies concluded that 603,518 people have been displaced, variously dispersed in shelter camps or living with host families and as many as 800,000 people have lost their livelihoods.
      Particular attention will be paid to the context in which recontruction and rehabilitation that urgently needed by Aceh, both infrastructure and economical sector. It is a very big and heavy challenge for the Acehnese to face a problem of how to transform Aceh. Aceh transformation is not only reconstructing the economical and infrastructure but also rebuilding social life of Acehnese people. After the natural disaster tsunami, people of the region not only lost their family, but lost their life either.  It’s been three years and  the reconstruction for the transformation still going on and yet, there are so much things have to do to make the so-called “perfect plan for Aceh” work out. The primary task of transformation projects should be further intensification of reconstructing of education, infrastructure, health, social, cultural, and economic development of Acehnese people.
              This international conference will welcome for scholars or practitioners to present their ideas, evaluation and research in related to wide range of Aceh development. For those who would like to have their own panel consisting 3 or up to 4 persons in each panel are advised to apply for one of these panels which will be open parallel during the conference:
      ¨ Panel 1 Economic Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 2 Political Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 3 Cultural Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 4 Educational Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 5 Agricultural Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 6 Gender Equality Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 7 Religious Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 8 Law and Legal Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 9 Engineering Aspects of Development of Aceh
      ¨ Panel 10 Sociological Aspects of Development of Aceh
      *      Paper should be no longer than 20 pages and be accompanied by a short Résumé/CV (max. 2 pages).
      *      Funds will be made available to invited speakers and to those selected speakers who do not have resources available to cover their travel and lodging expenses. To qualify for a grant, please submit a short letter of motivation to the given email-address (papa2.aceh@...).
      *      Deadline to send full paper: 20 December 2007.
      Thank you and warm regards.
      Yours truly,
      Organizing Committee:
      LPPM Universitas Malikussaleh
      Jl. Darussalam No.
      Kampung Jawa Baru,
      Lhokseumawe 24315
      Aceh – INDONESIA
      Telp. : +62-645-41373.
      Fax. : +62-645-44450.
      The panel conference proposal application forms are provided here:

      Al Chaidar
      Perum. Bojong Depok Baru II,
      Blok CC No. 2, Jl. Garuda,
      Sukahati, Cibinong, RT 07/RW13
      BOGOR 16913,
      Tel./Fax.: +62-21-8790 4516
      Mobile: +62-81317658142

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