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  • Jennifer Andrews
    May 26, 2007
      Hello Friends,
      I'm writing to you regarding our beloved cat, Sake. (That's pronounced,
      "saw-kay," like the Japanese rice wine.) (pictures are attached)
      Sake is a 3 year old, indoor, neutered, flame-point siamese mix. He has
      always been an outgoing and affectionate cat. Unfortunately, since our son
      was born, Sake has been stressed out and marking/spraying. We have tried
      everything we can think of including medication. Although there has been
      lots of improvement, he is still marking. We have resisted giving him up
      because he's such a nice fellow, but we are realizing it's just not fair to
      keep him in this environment any longer. We are hoping to find him a new
      home where he can get the peaceful, baby-free life style which he so loved.
      (We got Sake when he was 3 months old and he never had any problems before
      the baby arrived.) If you, or anyone you know is willing to give Sake a new
      home, please please contact us. If it doesn't work out in the new home, we
      will take him back.

      We already contacted the Humane Society for assistance in placing Sake with
      a new home, but because of all the kittens in the shelter, they will not
      take Sake unless it's to euthanize him. We certainly want better for him
      than that.

      A little more info. about Sake:
      Sake has lived with another cat and a dog (hyper lab!) He adores our other
      cat and they're often sleeping together. He tries to be around the dog, but
      our dog loves to "play" and Sake doesn't enjoy being licked and chased quite
      so much. He doesn't mind the dog sniffing him and they have been known to
      sleep together too. I think he'd really enjoy the company of a calmer dog.
      Sake has never bitten and although he marks the baby's things, he's quite
      good around that baby himself. Cooper pets him and has even tried to pick
      him up. Sake just leaves when he's had enough. Sake's favorite thing is
      looking at birds and squirrels outside and playing with his toy mice. My
      favorite thing about Sake is that when he's in the mood for love, he's
      REALLY affectionate. You can hold him, rub his belly, cuddle, and he just
      purrs, purrs, purrs. Then he kneeds your skin with his "happy paws."

      So, if you or anyone you know is willing to give Sake a chance for a happier
      life, please let us know. He sure deserves it.

      Thank you.
      Jennifer and Ian Dawson

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