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    Dear PNLH friends, The message below is from Barb Kubik, regarding the development of an new video game titled Meriwether , which  enables the player to enter
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      Dear PNLH friends,


      The message below is from Barb Kubik, regarding the development of an new video game titled Meriwether, which enables the player to enter the world of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


      Barb is serving as an advisor to the game creators, helping them get the history right.  For those of you who are not acquainted with Barb, she is a member of the Board of Diretors of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, and is also currently serving as President of the Washington Chapter.  She previously served as the longtime Chair of the Washington Governor's Lewis and Clark Trail Committee.


      Although I am not a gamer, this looks very intriguing!


      John O.

      From: "Barb Kubik" <barbjkubik@...>
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      Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 2:49:45 PM
      Subject: RE: Meriwether Lewis

      Dear Friends of Lewis and Clark and Fellow Historians:
      As many of you know, for the last five+ years, I have been working with an incredible team of game designers and artists to develop a role-playing game based on the journey of the Corps of Discovery, with the players taking on the leadership role of Captain Meriwether Lewis.  We are working very hard to make the game fun and exciting, as well as historically accurate and culturally respectful, and we believe we've got it!
      In fact, many of you have been more than generous with your particular areas of expertise, the books, films and articles you've written/produced, your ideas about youth and education, your museum's exhibits, and your re-enactors' clothing and equipment, and for that I thank all of you, my Lewis and Clark friends, so very much. 
      The game isn't finished yet . . . we're looking at next winter.  But------we've finished an introductory video, and have kicked off a fund-raising campaign that I thought you'd like to see:
      Proceeding on, with deepest appreciation for all your help,


      Barbara J. Kubik
      10808 NE 27th CT
      Vancouver, WA 98686



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