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Fwd: Thank you all for making a wonderfull Heritage Days 2012

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    Fellow members of the PNLH Corps,   The message below is from Reade Obern of Washington State Parks, thanking all the participants in Heritage Days,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2012

      Fellow members of the PNLH Corps,


      The message below is from Reade Obern of Washington State Parks, thanking all the participants in Heritage Days, including those who represented the PNLH at the event.


      Now I wish to add my "thank you."  I grew up in Kennewick, just across the river from Pasco, and this was my 10th year interpreting the Corps of Volunteers for Northwestern Discovery at Heritage Days.  Having my friends from the PNLH there to interpret the Lewis and Clark story was truly an honor and a priviledge, and I want to express my deepest gratitude to DeWayne, Elita, Glen, Jim C., Travis and Tom for their outstanding teamwork and splendid comraderie.  I believe that we can all build on this experience as we hopefully put on more third-person events going forward.


      I also want to thank Gary Lentz, my longtime mentor in all things regarding Lewis and Clark, for putting on the red wool sash once again to join us as Sgt. Patrick Gass on Saturday.


      Finally, I want to thank our hosts: Reade, the Manager of Sacajawea State Park - and our fiddling Pvt. Gibson; Chris Ford, Park Ranger and part-time John Shields; and Sharon Stewart, who coordinates the many volunteers at Sacajawea Park, and just kind of holds it all together.


      Thanks to all for an excellent event and a superb weekend!


      John O.

      From: "Reade Obern" <readeo@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 10:54:10 PM
      Subject: Thank you all for making a wonderfull Heritage Days 2012

      With the wonderful weather, and all of the nice participants, this was certainly another successful year for the Heritage Days event.  In spite of challenges such as park entry fees, mis-information put out by the local newspaper,  last minute cancellations by some learning stations, and school schedules that did not allow flexibility for arrivals,  we all soldiered on and really made this a great event.
      The round attendance numbers are:    Right around 1600 school kids on Friday.  The total attendance for the weekend was right around 3,300 people, so in spite of park fees, the event is still very popular.
      Thank you for helping with the event.  The mountain man and mountain man trader areas should receive special mention because of the very high volume of kids they were able to handle on Friday.  I'm sorry that the schedule seemed to jam up the kids between 10am and Noon.  I didn't turn any schools away, and the mountain men and traders really handled it.
      Okay, I should mention that us Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery re-enactors at times handled 90 to 120 kids at once, so we're not slouches.  Thanks to the Pacific Northwest Living Historians from Fort Clatsop.  The corps. camp was perhaps as good as it has been since 2005.  The PNLH is an amazing group of guys (and gal), fun and knowledgeable.  My hat is off to you.
      Thank you to the tribes for again supporting the event.  Although there are many different aspects to the event, without the Native American story being told by Native Americans, Heritage Days would be just a shadow of what it is.
      To all of the clubs and museums, and organizations that participate, Thank you.  Your support over the years has been instrumental in the event continuing.
      Thank you to the nearly 100 volunteers, and of course our volunteer coordinator Sharon.   The event absolutely could not run without you.
      And of course, our sponsors, contributors, and buyers at the silent auction.  Our fundraising efforts continue throughout the year so that we can afford to hold the event.
      I'll send out an email this winter to give you a status of Heritage Days 2013, the eleventh year of the event.  We hope that the State Parks free day again falls on the weekend of the event.
      Take care and God bless,  
        Reade Obern, Mid-Columbia Traditional Arts and Music Association board member
       Heritage Days Coordinator
       Sacajawea State Park Manager
       aka. Pvt. George Gibson
       aka. The Fiddl'n Ranger
      (not neccessarily in that order)
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